About Here is a little bit about what we do.

The purpose of our online tool is to allow you to check the status of any website. This is useful to find out if the website is indeed down, or if you are experiecing some internet trouble.

The tools works by taking the domain you enter and then accessing that domain from our own server to check the status of it. The reason we use our server instead of your local machine is to show that if in fact you are expericing internet problems, it will show the site as online for the rest of the world.

But website status checking tools have been around for years, what makes ours different? Not only do we return the status of the site, we also return the loading time taken, as well as scraping the title, description and keywords from the meta tags and finishing it off with a live screenshot of the website (all if the site is online) to show that it is reachable.

If you have any feature requests, bugs or questions; head over to the Contact page to get in touch with us.